Watch all the action between Wales and Scotland in the opening round of the 2024 Mens Guinness Six Nations.

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  1. Let's be honest, Rugby in Wales' is a shambles. It just can't get any worse. This is one of the best Scotland side in 20 years. Last year Scottish pundits talked about an outside chance of winning the 6N or getting out of the group phase in the RWC. Yet Scotland fell apart in front on a work hard Welsh fight back. Scotland have as many pro teams as Italy. The Welsh teams are poor, but going down the Scotland route of two regions clearly doesn't work. Wales can and eventually will improve. Can Scotland keep it up?

    In any case we lost and it should be said, well done Scotland.

  2. Seems like a game for the ages this one.. literally a game of two halves. Would have been riveting towards the end. Well done Scotland and also, well done wales. You had no right to even come that close after that first half score. Great ad for rugby.

  3. Turkey got beat up by Persia!!! France, Dracula loved Louie Nefeteri and Thailand and New Orleans, The Empress of Japan is Thailand,nefeteri was King of Egypt as Queen of Sheba was King of Africa!!!

  4. Quite simply the goofiest match I have ever seen… As a Scot, why does it feel like both sides lost that game? It's a sentiment that captures the frustration and disappointment of watching a match where neither team performs up to expectations. Despite the anticipation and excitement leading up to the game, the outcome leaves a sense of dissatisfaction and a feeling that both teams missed an opportunity for a better result.

  5. Scotland looking good in the first half! What makes me laugh was all the tv pundits overly praising wales for the comeback, if Scotland didn’t get 2 consecutive yellows I would of agreed! Lots of excitement for the opening weekend! That’s what we want

  6. I don't know enough about rugby to determine whether the referee was just being an annoying, overly officious dweeb; or rugby is just a sport about being overly officious and dweeby. But I had to switch off the second half because every time Scotland did anything they got a yellow card.

    And the head contact/high tackle nonsense…fuck sake give it a rest. It's rugby, if you don't like head contact, don't play it.

  7. Only three remaining players from the last game of last yrs 6 nations. With all the retirements and LRZ going to America we still had another four senior players missing. Going into this game it was going to be a huge step up for Wales, half the team are international rookies, a few real rookies. They caught on quickly and now I'm more confident for the future.

  8. Well done to Wales for the comeback. Sam Warburton made a very relevant comment about Scotland when he was in the BBC studio ( I paraphrase) he said that when Scotland get a decent lead they shouldn't rest on their laurels. The indiscipline also needs to be sorted out. Having said that well done Scotland for the win.

  9. I love rugby, was at the game yesterday. Brilliant spectacle. What I can’t stand is the same ol’ fans in the comment sections, with the: “I’m more noble than thou” attitude towards football. I don’t understand why they feel a need to compare the sports constantly? Yes, we get it, generally there’s more respect towards officials in rugby and amongst players but can you stop going on about it at every opportunity. It’s boring.

  10. Fun thought. The first Welsh try should have been a penalty try as the maul was brought down in an attempt to stop a certain try (which was anyway scored). No need to take the conversion (which was actually missed). That extra 2 points was the difference between winning and losing. 😊

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